Usos y beneficios de compartir tu ubicación en tiempo real

Uses and benefits of sharing your location in real time

Nowadays, security has become an issue of great relevance at the national level and in the world. Faced with this growing concern, many people turn to technology to stay informed about the location of their loved ones through devices such as smartphones. In critical moments, the ability to quickly share your location can make all the difference. Whether for friends, family or rescue services to find you quickly and easily.

Why is it important to have real-time location?

For the development of a device that effectively provides security and peace of mind, having the possibility of knowing the real-time location of a person becomes essential. Being able to share this information with those who would be best able to help in emergency situations has become a key aspect of safety.

How to share your location in real time using ALARA

ALARA, the smart jewel designed to redefine personal security, has innovatively integrated location sharing functionality into its features. By pressing the button two or more times, ALARA instantly sends a text message to your emergency contacts, indicating the type of help requested and accurately providing your real-time location.

We know that the wait for help can be endless in critical situations. For this reason, we have developed an app that allows you to view the response of your contacts in real time. The Bluetooth connection with your cell phone makes it easy to configure your profile, assign emergency contacts and share your location in real time in a simple way.

Beyond personal security

ALARA not only represents a breakthrough in personal safety technology, but also addresses the need for rapid and effective response in emergency situations. Its elegant design and comprehensive functionality make it much more than just a device; It is a complete solution for those who value their safety and that of their loved ones.

With ALARA, personal security merges with elegance, demonstrating that smart technology can be an effective ally in our daily lives. In a world where security is a priority, Alara is positioned as a benchmark in the successful integration of technology into everyday life.

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