Causas del oscurecimiento de la plata y cómo limpiarla

Causes and Solutions of Silver Darkening

Photo by Maxim Mox on Unsplash

If you are passionate about silver jewelry and wear it frequently, you have probably noticed how it acquires a darker tone over time. Contrary to common belief, this change does not indicate a lower quality or damage to the jewel, but is a natural process of silver. The fascinating thing is that these jewelry, unlike costume jewelry, can be easily cleaned.

Causes of silver darkening

Silver does not oxidize since it does not react to oxygen, but rather reacts to sulfur, which gives it that distinctive black appearance. To delve deeper into the topic, jeweler Manuel Villaroel was interviewed, who revealed that the darkening of silver is closely linked to the person's energies and moods. Given this, Manuel highlights the importance of tranquility as a preventive measure, since silver absorbs acids from the body and acquires a dark tone in response to abrupt changes in mood. He also notes that the pH of the person wearing the jewelry may be another reason for darkening; If the pH is acidic, the silver will tend to blacken more easily.

Energies can affect silver jewelry

The connection between silver and negative energies adds a spiritual component to these jewelry. It is believed that silver can act as a shield against negativity, providing a state of greater spiritual serenity. This spiritual aspect has been valued throughout history, and many cultures attribute magical or spiritual properties to silver. Some people choose it not only for its aesthetic appeal but also because of the belief in its energy and spiritual benefits.

How to clean silver jewelry?

As for cleaning, Manuel suggests submerging the jewelry in water with baking soda and shaking it to eliminate the adhered acids, returning its original color and shine. The cleaning frequency is relative and depends on how often the jewelry darkens. If the jewel is extremely dark, it is recommended to take it to a jewelry store to be cleaned. This method is also applicable to gold and copper jewelry.

It is also important to mention that you should not overlook following the particular instructions for each piece of jewelry, such as avoiding exposure to perfumes and creams, storing them properly, avoiding shocks, among others. By following these specific care, you can extend the life of your jewelry.

Silver jewelry is not just accessories; but they are bearers of history and spirituality. Understanding how to properly care for them not only preserves their beauty, but also strengthens their connection with the essence of the wearer.

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