Alertness and style on the move.

At ALARA we are driven by the mission of improving people's quality of life through innovation in technology and fashion.

Send alert messages to your contacts easily and quickly.

Presiona ALARA dos o tres veces para enviar un mensaje de alerta a tus contactos de emergencia.

Step 1

Press two or three times.

ALARA has two modes of use: press it twice to ask your contacts to call you, or three times to have them go to your location.

Luego de presionar ALARA, se enviará un SMS con tu ubicación en tiempo real.

Step 2

Send alert messages.

After pressing ALARA, a text message (SMS) is sent to your emergency contacts. This contains the type of help you requested and your location in real time.

Mientras esperas por ayuda, puedes ver la respuesta de tus contactos en nuestra app gratuita.

Step 3

Wait for help calmly.

We know that waiting for help can feel eternal. That's why we created a free App where you can see your contacts' response to your alert, among other things.

We combine technology and jewelry to give you style and alertness

  • Conexión bluetooth

    Bluetooth connection

    ALARA connects to your cell phone to send alert messages to your contacts.

  • Batería de larga duración

    Long duration battery

    And since it is interchangeable, you also don't have to buy another ALARA when it runs out.

  • Compacto y versátil

    Compact & versatile

    With 22 mm diameter, you can wear ALARA as a necklace, bracelet, keychain... You decide!

  • Elaborado en plata 925

    Made of 925 silver

    We work with quality products to ensure the durability of your ALARA.