¿Qué hacer si me roban el celular?

What to do if my cell phone is stolen?

Our phones have become an essential extension of our lives, storing valuable personal information and being multifunctional tools. The theft or loss of a cell phone, in addition to emotionally impacting the owner, can put their security and privacy at risk. Below, we present a practical guide with the steps you should follow if you are a victim of cell phone theft.

Lock the device

The moment you realize that your cell phone has been stolen, it is essential to immediately lock the device. As a priority, contact your service provider to request the cancellation of the chip, which will lead to the phone being unusable. You can also use the IMEI, a unique code assigned to the cell phone, which will facilitate its identification by telephone companies. You can find this code printed on the back of the device, on its original packaging, or alternatively, obtain it by dialing *#06# on the phone keypad.

Change app passwords

Given the possibility of the thief accessing your applications, change your account passwords, especially in sensitive services such as email, social networks and banking applications. Although banking applications generally do not allow automatic login, others, such as email and social networks, allow the device owner to modify the password through SMS authentication, which is a risk for the owner's continued use. those applications. Consequently, it is recommended to change passwords directly on each application's websites, a task that can be accomplished quickly.

In particular, given the relevance of Whatsapp as one of the most used applications today, it is essential to request the blocking of the account to prevent possible fraud. To do this, send an email to "support@whatsapp.com" including the phrase "Stolen/lost phone: please deactivate my account." It is important to note that account recovery will be possible later.

Inform financial institutions

Inform your bank and other financial institutions, with which you have information on your cell phone, about the theft. This will allow them to take steps to block transactions and protect your financial information. Make sure you know the bank emergency procedures and communication methods available with your bank. Additionally, consider changing your passwords periodically to strengthen the security of your accounts.

Notify family and friends

Tell your loved ones about the theft or loss of your cell phone to prevent possible scam attempts. Criminals can use the information available on your device to trick your contacts, requesting money or other personal information.

File a complaint

Go to the police or police station to file a formal report of the theft. Although device recovery may be difficult, your report can help identify specific locations where these types of crimes are frequently committed and improve security in these specific areas.

Use cell phone tools

Use the tools provided by the various operating systems. On Apple devices, use the "Find my" app to track your phone and mark it as lost, which will activate remote locking of the operating system and Apple Pay, ensuring the security of your information. For Android devices, you can also find out the approximate location of your phone. If the location cannot be determined, you will have access to its last known position and you can choose to find, lock or erase your device.

The theft of a phone is an eventuality that anyone can face. While we are away from home, busy with various activities, it is easy to temporarily neglect our device. This incident may compromise private information and personal data. Therefore, the recommendations provided above about what to do if your mobile phone is stolen are of utmost importance when facing this situation.

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