Las 6 cadenas de plata que debes conocer

The 6 silver chains you should know

Jewelry has undergone a remarkable evolution in recent years, and silver chains have become a stylish and versatile option for all ages. The trend of silver-plated jewelry, especially the iconic silver chains, has gained notable popularity. In this article, we will dive into the diversity of silver chains, exploring their varied links that differ in thickness, structure and design. This diversity provides a wide range of chain options, allowing you to learn about the different types, their unique designs, and the fascinating stories behind each one.

Cord chain

Cord-type silver chain. Source: Zeller Jewelry.
Source: Zeller Jewelry.

As its name suggests, the cord chain resembles a cord or thin rope. This famous design is perfect to wear alone or accompanied by a pendant such as your Alara. Thanks to their pattern, the chain reflects light, which is why they tend to be very shiny. Cord chains are known for their strength and versatility, as they can be thick or thinner depending on the weight.

3+1 chain

3+1 silver chain. Source: MachiJewelryShop on Etsy.

Source: MachiJewelryShop on Etsy.

3+1 chains are recognized for their elegance and characteristic design, as indicated by their name, they are composed of one long link followed by three shorter links. Also known as Figaro or Cartier, this chain is simple, aesthetically pleasing and can come in different sizes. The alternating pattern of flattened links makes it sturdy, so if you want a durable chain option, this is the one.

Byzantine chain

Byzantine type silver chain. Source: MikiligJewelry in Temu.

Source: MikiligJewelry in Temu.

The Byzantine chain, with its rounded or oval links, takes us back three hundred years before Christ. This antique design creates a flexible, smooth and elegant chain with a repeating pattern. The links connect in a unique way, providing a distinctive look that has endured over time. Wearing a Byzantine chain is like wearing a piece of ancient history.

ball chain

Silver chain with balls. Source: Lagalgo on Etsy.

Source: Lagalgo on Etsy.

Known as military chain, this option is made up of numerous small balls with small spaces between them to allow movement. This design, popularized during World War II for military identification, now brings a youthful and modern touch to various styles. Ball chains are ideal to wear with your Alara, since in addition to looking much better, they offer greater movement and dynamism.

Anchor or sailor chain

Silver anchor chain. Source:


The anchor chain, also called sailor chain, is inspired by the nautical world, so it is a good choice if you like the sea. It is composed of interlocking ovals with a bar in the center of each oval, achieving a distinctive and recognizable appearance. Available in various widths and thicknesses, thicker ones are popular with men, while more delicate ones are commonly chosen by women.

curb chain

Bearded silver chain. Source: Zeller Jewelry.

Source: Zeller Jewelry.

The silver curb chain, also known as the Cuban chain, is distinguished by its timeless design with closely spaced flat links. It can be found in both thick and thin models, the thinner designs are perfect to combine with various pendants, while the more robust ones become the favorite choice to complement the outfits of rappers or trappers. This chain, with interconnected and uniform links, maintains its flat shape even when intertwined, providing a basic and durable aesthetic. Known for its strength, the curb chain is easy to maintain and care for, making it a popular choice for both men and women.

venetian chain

Venetian silver chain. Source:

Source: Exclusive Italian Jewelry.

Contrary to conventional chains with round and oval links, the Venetian chain exhibits square links that convey the sensation of being completely fused, providing a contemporary style. An additional advantage is that, in the event of a breakage, a link can be replaced without complications.

The variety of silver chains for men offers options for all tastes and styles. Whether you prefer a classic, timeless design or are looking for something bolder and more modern, these options allow you to express your individuality through jewelry. Explore, discover and choose the chain that best suits your style and personality. Don't miss the opportunity to stand out with elegance!

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