¿Qué es la plata esterlina?

What is sterling silver?

It is common to describe silver jewelry as sterling silver jewelry. Here we explain the difference between the two and why it is so important that your jewelry is made of sterling silver and not silver.

Definition and uses

Sterling silver, or sterling silver, is a silver alloy (a “mixture” of silver along with other metals) that contains 92.5% silver and the rest is made up of copper. It is also known as 925 Silver . This ratio gives sterling silver greater strength and durability, since silver itself is soft and tends to dent easily. This ensures that the beauty of the jewel is not compromised and the necessary functionality is provided to manipulate it on a daily basis. Our ALARA device is made of sterling silver, therefore it has the durability necessary for daily use.

Uses of sterling silver.

Due to its unique characteristics, sterling silver is widely used for creating luxury jewelry. Examples are necklaces, bracelets, rings, among others. Furthermore, its resistance and malleability allow the manufacture of luxury kitchen utensils and tableware.

Your appearance

It is characterized by having a metallic white shine capable of being polished to the point of resembling a mirror, making it more attractive and luminous to the human eye. Silver may tarnish over time, i.e. it may darken, however, its original shine can be restored through regular cleaning and polishing, thus maintaining its elegant appearance.

Sterling silver appearance.

Now you know what sterling silver is and that it is its metallic shine along with its hardness and resistance that makes it so important in the world of jewelry. Make sure your next silver jewelry is sterling!

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