5 Tendencias en Joyería que debes Conocer este 2024

The 5 Jewelry Trends that you should know about in 2024

In the month of February, the most iconic catwalks in the world were deployed to make way for the new and long-awaited Fashion Week. This event revealed the new fashion trends for this year 2024, offering a fresh and renewed vision for this season's outfits. However, every fashionista recognizes that fashion consists of more than clothes, but includes accessories and jewelry. It is crucial to understand the importance of jewelry as complementary elements when making a good outfit.

Although it is known that fashion tends to be cyclical, it should be noted that this rule does not fully apply to jewelry. And just as the world is constantly changing, jewelry evolves to reflect trends and styles, continually reinventing itself to keep up with the demands of the modern world, just as ALARA does, blending silver jewelry with personal safety in everyone. sides and at all times. This is why we will review the new trends for this year, and the catwalks in which they have manifested themselves.

1. Pearls

Jewelry trends 2024: pearls.
Source: InStyle Magazine

Pearls have existed as accessories for centuries before Cleopatra even existed, being a successful accessory throughout history, once again becoming a modern-day must. According to Libby Page, director of Net-A-Porter, a successful London luxury fashion store, the search for this type of jewelry increased by 66% during the month of December, which has led her to stock up on new designs. and colors of this style. Brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Chanel have confirmed these trends, while Dior put it as the center of its spring-summer 2024 collection.

2. Chunky bracelets

Jewelry trend 2024: "chunky" bracelets.
Source: Instagram

This is the occasion in which jewelry adjusts to the cyclical format of fashion, bringing us back directly from the 2000s. Little by little the thin and minimalist bracelets are being left behind, to be replaced by bracelets in smaller formats. XL in all its figures, shapes and colors, from metallic, multicolored, shiny or rhinestone finishes. This resurgence typical of the beginning of the century is emerging with Chloe, Schiaparelli, Loewe and figures like Blake Lively imposing themselves in the last SuperBowl.

3. Diamonds and glitter

Jewelry trend 2024: diamonds and sparkles.
Source: Getty Images

What is more timeless in the jewelry industry than diamonds? From classic diamond hoops to encrusted in glowing gold and platinum jewelry, there are options for every taste and budget. Diamonds, both natural and synthetic, remain an iconic choice, while colored gemstones offer a vibrant and elegant alternative. Whether elegant drop earrings or long, layering necklaces, the jewelry of 2024 promises a touch of glamor and sophistication that never goes out of style.

4. Ties

Jewelry trends 2024: bows.
Source: US Magazine

The year 2023 began with the flirty trend characterized by ruffles, pastel colors and natural makeup that give a feminine and romantic essence. And whether due to aesthetics, its continued appearance at fashion festivals since 2022 or the mix of these events, ribs were once again established as an essential accessory, and of course jewelry was not going to be exempt from this, incorporating it into their outfits by figures such as Olivia Rodrigo and Sydney Sweeney and as part of the new Spring/Summer collection by Jean Paul Gautier.

5. Flowers

Jewelry trends 2024: flowers.
Source: Elle Magazine

As the seasons change, embracing a fresh and charming style becomes captivating. Jewelry that represents symbols of new beginnings, such as 3D floral jewelry, dominates various areas of fashion. From Carolina Herrera's bud necklaces to Sandy Liang's crystalline designs, these pieces add a stunning touch to any outfit, transcending seasonal boundaries and becoming timeless essentials.

At ALARA we want you to express your style and identity while feeling more confident. That is why we created an alert device in a piece of jewelry that you can combine with the trends that we show you here, creating a unique and functional look.

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