the beginning

On a day that would mark destiny, February 28, 2023, Alara was born. Its founding was not only an act of entrepreneurship, but a response to a personal experience that changed lives. Paulina and Cristóbal, the founders, witnessed an attempted kidnapping in La Cisterna. This tragic reality in Chile prompted them to create something unique: Alara, a jewel-shaped panic button that not only offers alerts, but also valuable accompaniment.

The story took a turn when, in search of a larger purpose, they found Felipe, the current CTO, on LinkedIn. Together, they shared a bold vision: empowering people to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Alara is not just a product, it is the fruit of empathy, passion and commitment to safety and well-being . Each jewel tells a story of protection and love, reminding us that we are united to care for and support each other in the most crucial moments.

Alara, more than an accessory, is a legacy of hope and solidarity in a world that seeks security and connection. United by a personal story, here we are, on a shared journey to make the world a safer and more empathetic place.

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