ETM Day 2023

ETM Day 2023

At ALARA, we are happy to tell you how ETM Day 2023 went.

Our Stand: Pure innovation and style ­čÄë

More than 500 people visited us at our stand! It was full of people wanting to know the future of security with that ALARA touch that we love so much. They learned about this jewel-shaped warning device. There were very diverse reactions, from: "The good idea was screwed up," to "I need it now."

Talks that inspire ­čŚú´ŞĆ

We saw some very funny talks from other entrepreneurs, mentors and innovation fans. We exchange ideas, receive luxurious feedback and connect with people who vibrate the same as us.

ALARA Next Steps: Get Ready for More!

With all the good vibes of ETM Day, ALARA faces new challenges, integrating a panic/alert button in a piece of jewelry means a lot of cutting-edge. We are going for more innovation, more improvements and more security solutions that break with everything.

Join the ALARA revolution ­čÜÇ

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